About Us

The Company


Eppic Media is experienced in many fields of photography including athletics, portrait, concert, landscape, travel, and humanitarian. We have had the pleasure of working alongside many great photographers, learning and working with masters such as Colby Brown, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Brad Smith, Rhona Wise, Rich Clarkson, and many others.  

The Photographer


 Joseph Epperson has a unique style that is just as much about relationship as it is about the photograph. Joseph specializes in sports photography, using advanced techniques to capture moments at the peak of action. His thorough understanding of each sport allows him to anticipate the athlete's actions and creates a unique image which captures not only the action on the field but the essence of the athlete.  



With over fifteen years of experience in organizational development, Jeri Epperson manages the administrative side of the organization. An artist herself, Jeri is passionate about furthering performance and visual arts in the communities in which she lives and looks forward to expanding Eppic Media into fields beyond photography.

Our Focus